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Curious if you have what it takes to start your own business?  Why not take a short quiz just to get an idea.  The link here and below will take you to a quick quiz to give you a general idea of your potential as an entrepreneur.  I suggest you answer the questions as honestly as possible.  Research has shown that successfull entrepreneuers usually have certain skills and personality traits and this is just a quick way to see if you have them.  Check it out at:

Conclusion and Follow-Up

What are some common mistakes I should try avoid when writing my business plan?


Can I just use a template program or business plan software where I just fill-in a little bit of information?



The appendices are where you should include all back-up information for things stated within the business plan.  Usually this is divided into sections as follows:

Financial Data

     Assumptions for financial statements

     Explain the basis for conclusions on financial statements

     Margins and costs associated with sales

     Formulas used for determining sales

     Determinations for expenses


The summary section is just that, a summary of everything discussed in the business plan.  It is important to show how the sections each support each other.  Write this section so that the reader has a concise, clear, and convincing picture of what you plan on doing with your business.  Sometimes this may be the only part a potential investor or lender may read in its entirety.  The summary needs to make not only your business, but also the current project shine.  It should get the reader excited about what you plan to do. 

Applications and Expected Effect of the Loan




Market Strategy



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