Kumbha Moon Soap Company

Real. Simple. Soap.

Kumbha Moon Soap Company makes all-natural botanical soaps that never contain any synthetic colorants, synthetic or artificial ingredients, or additives. We use the highest quality steam-distilled essential oils that impart subtle authentic fragrances that release their aroma therapeutic qualities as warm water and gentle rubbing lathers the soap.  Kumbha Moon Soap Company makes each batch in small quantities and totally from scratch from our own recipes and recipes that have been passed down to us by master soapmakers. The quirky creativity behind Kumbha Moon Soap Company comes from Kimberly LaMendola and Kellie O'Brien, off-beat, unpredictable, temperamental, and sometimes obsessive-compulsive Aquarians who love life, play hard, get dirty, and made a good soap to get them squeaky clean.

Products / Services:

Small batch handcrafted soaps and natural laundry powder made with natural botanical ingredients and a little quirky creativity. Our products are naturally fragrant from infusions of steam-distilled essential oils produced from botanical ingredients using sustainable harvesting practices. Our soaps are gently and naturally colored from herbs, spices, flowers, and plants.

Custom orders will be considered - contact us with your ideas!

Real.  Simple.   Soap.

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