Never Ending Alpaca Farm

When it was time to retire from the PROFESSIONAL LUMBERJACK CIRCUIT, Jerry knew he would have to find something that he enjoyed doing. ALPACA breeding and farming caught his interest and he knew he had what it took to be an alpaca farmer!

Our small farm started with two pregnant females and we have grown to love the NEVER ENDING enjoyment of these gentle creatures. With each new birth comes so many new experiences to share with family, friends and fellow alpaca breeders.

We have taken great pride in trying to improve our herd with selective breedngs with top genetic choices. Some of our bloodlines include-Bueno,PPeruvian Royal Fawn, 4Peruvian Altiplano Gold, Avatar, PPPeruvian Augusto, PPeruvian Caligula, Peruvian Hemingway,PPeruvian Victor,and Peruvian Drambuie.

The fleece colors are--True black, White, Fawn (light, medium, dark) Rose grey, silver grey, and medium brown.

We have always been very "hands on" with our animals and provide them with the best of everything. Jerry grew up on a farm so he knows the importance of good quality hay. He has been developing hays fields specifically for alpacas and is able to supply the needs of our growing herd. He has also built the barn that the animals live in. So it is custom made for our needs. It has a heated room for the crias born in cooler weather.

Our farm and breeding program has grown to the point that we feel comfortable sharing all we have learned (so far!) with other people. We have many schools that request to visit the farm and it's always amazing the reaction people, both young and old, have to alpacas.

We also look forward to helping new farms get started or add to share our experience with existing farms.

These animals have a way of showing their own personality. Some animals are very social and friendly and others enjoy being quiet and content to watch their friends in the herd. They have all become a NEVER ENDING part of our farm.

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1285 Lillibridge Road Portville, New York 14770 USA

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