Over the Hill Tree Farm

Choose and Cut Christmas Trees or Pre-cut Christmas Trees...

Christmas Balls, Wreaths and Centerpiece... Each one is handmade!

Create your own (hopefully less disastrous) Griswold Old Fashioned Family Christmas with a fresh cut tree!

Forget the grungy mini lot with a handful of Charlie Brown type trees or the so perfect it's just wrong artificial tree.

Venture out to Dayton, New York and find a nice, family-run Christmas Tree Farm.

The Gens Family has operated the tree farm for the past 10 years.

The warm and fuzzy feelings of an old fashioned Christmas appear to flow in the air midst the handmade wreaths and Christmas balls. Over the hill you can chose from several varieties of Evergreens.

(716) 532-5236


9512 Coon Road Dayton, New York 14041 USA

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